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Ocean of Harmony is a mission founded by Shallu Annand an accomplished life and wellness coach. The journey began in the year 2005 while helping people along their path to self-discovery, conflict resolution and spiritual growth.

Since its inception, Shallu has lent her unique touch where people have often feel stuck, be it about resolving relationship issues, moving on from an emotional trauma or even getting motivated for achieving one’s full potential.

Ocean of Harmony conducts various programs for personal as well as organizational growth by offering; One O One sessions, Corporate Workshops, Integrated Healing Programs, Wellness Retreats as well as Group Workshops throughout the year.


Life Coaching 

Are you feeling caught at the crossroads of life, Health, Career or Relationship? Does Life seem unmanageable and you need help?
Or you definitely require someone to support you achieve what you desire in life? At Ocean of Harmony, we help you achieve your desired goals.

Our Life Coaching program supports you to explore an inner connection to redefine one’s own personality while setting aside limiting belief systems, fears, and behavior patterns.

Take your first step today, empower yourself and confidently face difficult life situations, push past emotional barriers to view life with a distinctly modern perspective.

Corporates Wellness

At Ocean of Harmony, we drive employee wellness programs for corporates with an aim to bring in a change to work place behavior, work culture and we partner along with the leadership teams to transform organizations.

Our corporate engagement involves a high numbers of employees to align their behaviors and breathe in productivity and values that stimulate a wave of energy to transforms work place cultures.

Our use of innovative NLP practices integrated along with other progressive coaching and methodologies is proven to drive various stages of change to help achieve the desired organizational outcomes.

Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is a holistic approach that engages with the whole person in the healing and harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.  It combines the best of various progressive techniques, and other alternative healing therapies in its own unique ways to provide overall wellbeing.

Integrated Healing is about balancing, integrating, and harmonizing the energies in our being. It is not just about treating a condition or alleviating symptoms, but work on the underlying causes while boosting the emotional as well as physical health.

The integrated approach works on the whole be it physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual to release blocks to health, happiness and true wellbeing.

Ocean of harmony specializes in organizing and conducting of wellness experiences, both for individuals and groups. Our tailor made programs and itineraries are designed to help you indulge in your own personal journey of self as per your needs of the body mind and the soul.

Our retreats bring in a wellness experience combined with adventure, spirituality, creativity and self-exploration.

We create a total experiences that encompasses nature as well as heritage locations combined with  spirituality, adventure, personal development, healing, wellness, detox & rejuvenation.

Trainings for Health Care and Wellness Professionals.
With a growing need to create healthy, happy, high productive organizations and communities, Ocean of Harmony offers various certification programs e specifically designed for wellness professionals, trainers, facilitators, executives and service providers.

Trainings for Corporate Executives.
At Ocean Of Harmony, we offer various workshops for corporate wellness in the form of seminars, that are specifically designed for leaders, managers, supervisors and workplace wellness committee members.

Our Happenings

One O One Sessions

Are you stuck at the crossroads of life, be it relationship, health or career?

Our One O One session helps you understand all your issues and suggests the wellness modality that will work best for you..

Events & Workshops

Social Meditation

Learn the art of interactive meditation, discover, dance, meet people and express yourself. For more details Book Now

Upcoming Retreats

Essence of Zen

April 2019
Experience the uninterrupted peace with the gentle breeze of spirituality flowing through the majestic Himalayan valley.

8 oct 2015, Saturday

Upcoming Meditation Workshop in Ahmedabad

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