Ocean of Harmony was founded by Shallu Annand in the year 2012. An accomplished life coach  and integrated wellness expert, she has been engaged in a variety of transformation work since more than a decade.

She has been the guiding force in helping people along their journey of self-discovery, conflict resolution and spiritual growth. Be it about resolving relationship issues, emotional trauma, or providing motivation for achieving one’s full potential, Shallu has lent her unique touch in every area of life where people often feel stuck.

Through numerous workshops over the years, Shallu has transformed people to change their mindset about their perceived limitations, and move beyond it to achieve their full potential.

A talented classical dancer, she was also the founder of Talam School of Performing Arts, a classical dance and music academy established by her in 1989. Having extensive experience as a classical dance teacher for more than two decades, she has designed and facilitated various therapeutic dance workshops.

Capped with various certifications, Shallu is a constant learner and her biggest achievement is the love and trust of people, freedom from conditioning and fear, non-judgmental mind, open heart and gratitude towards life.


  • Life Coach from Life Coaching Institute of America, USA
  • Executive Coach, Alpha Star Academy of excellence, India
  • Consultant Hypnotist certified by National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. USA
  • Master Hypnotist & 5-path Hypnotist certified by Banyan School of Hypnosis, USA
  • 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher certified by Calvin Banyan, USA
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certified by Richard Bandler, USA
  • Social Meditation Leader from Humaniversity, Netherlands
  • OSHO Meditation Facilitator from OSHO Multiversity, Pune
  • OSHO Meditative Therapies Facilitator certified by OSHO Foundation, Switzerland
  • Member of International Coach Federation
  • Member of Society of NLP, USA
  • Member of 5-PATH International Association of Hypnosis Professional
  • Member of National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc USA.