Workshop & Trainings for Health care and Wellness professionals.

With a growing need to create healthy, happy, high productive organizations and communities, Ocean of Harmony offers various certification programs to train healthcare and wellness professionals  while introducing them to best wellness practices.

Our interactive trainings include an immersive wellness experience with the help of various experiential components including live webinars and conference calls as well as skill development.

Certification from recognized bodies and international organizations are awarded upon successful completion of the selected program. Upon successful completion of the program, they are also guided and counselled for various national and international accreditations for enhancement of their qualifications and successful practices.


Workshops & Trainings for Corporate Executives.

Ocean Of Harmony also offers various workshops for corporate and employee wellness in the form of seminars, that are specifically designed for leaders, managers, supervisors and workplace wellness committee members.

Our workshops are  interactive programs designed to engage, educate, and motivate corporate teams to help incorporate wellness into their lives both in and out of the workplace.

Our wellness consultants also train at worksite, and groom wellness leaders to rise to the challenge for creating healthier organizations and communities.